Wiraga Wirama Wirasa Dalam Tari Tradisi Gaya Surakarta

Dwi Maryani


Javanese traditional dances of Surakarta style are one of the ancestor’s
heritage owned by the king so that abdi dalem (the royal servants), especialy abdi
dalem taya in the court
of Surakarta remain obeying the king’s order. In other
words, traditional art
of Surakarta existing in the court of Surakarta still go on
according to the handbook or guidelines applicable at that time. To be a good Javanese
dancer, someone has to have a good knowledge
of three basic concepts, namely, wiraga,
wirama, and wirasa. A Javanese dancer, especially that of  surakarta style, should
pay attention to the series and forms of movements, and dance
structure and call
adjust the kind and character
of the dance to the rhythm of gending (melody). A
dance who has acquired skills in wiraga, wirama, and wirasa will dance gracefully,
not stiffly. He will not make forced movements; everything looks smooth and flows in
enjoyable rhythm. He moves seriously but does not look

Keywords: Wiraga Wirama Wirasa, Traditional Dance.


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