Makna Simbolik Wayang sebagai Seni Spiritual dalam Ruwatan Murwakala

Ersnathan Budi Prasetyo


A puppet for Javanese people (man who knows the
real) is a guidance of live. It’s arranges Javanese people
how must they act to another, how could they realizing as
human being and how should they relationship with the
creator (God). Puppet consists a symbolic meaning from art
language character or the myth.

The tradition of ruwatan ceremony still used by
Javanese people as a way to liberation and holies the sin
that can catch the mischance in their life. In puppet story
with title Murwokolo act on Central Java ruwatan ceremony,
at the beginning estimated grew from Java ancient story.
The story consist holies which is liberation the God and
Goddess sinner to become holy again. Meruwat means prevent
the sadness by showed ceremony which performing puppet
Murwokolo act.

People who must be get ruwatan ceremony called
sukerta child or ma , according to bibliography Pakem
Ruwatan Murwa Kala and other source that copied by Purwadi
(2005) which is Serat Centhini (Sri Paku Buwana V). There
was 60 calamity causes.

Keyword: Puppet, Ruwatan, Murwokolo


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