Ekspresi Kasih dalam Karya Tari Dadalar

Yezyuruni Forinti, Eko Supriyanto


Dadalar dance is motivated by an interest in the application of love in social life between humans. Every human being has their way of giving and receiving love which ultimately shapes the character of the human being. Environmental factors, father, and the Bible are three factors that encourage the creator to create this work. But the main factor is the father figure, a person who teaches many things, especially the knowledge of God and love. Dadalar dance works using the Partnering method, where this work is presented in a duet with two dancers. There is cooperation between dancers, so a sense of mutual help, mutual trust, support, and balance is needed. This work is a development of the traditional dances of North Maluku, namely Sarah Dabi dabi and Legu salai. The creation process includes the preparation stage and the cultivation stage. The preparation stage consists of observation and determination of the material. The cultivation stage interprets the results of exploration, improvisation, imagination, and unification.

Dadalar is presented in a duet of three parts, interpreted in sense, atmosphere, space, and time. This presentation emphasizes the importance of intensity and gives the audience space and time to enjoy and sense what is presented.




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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33153/jcare.v1i1.3956


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