Tinjauan Kreativitas Agus Tasman Ranaatmadja Dalam Tari Bedhaya Si Kaduk Manis

Maharani Luthvinda Dewi


This paper aims to determine the creativity of Agus Tasman Ranaatmadja, a dance master, in formulating a dance work by analyzing his artistic creations textually. The study was conducted qualitatively by borrowing Sumandiyo Hadi's idea on textual analysis of dance. The results of the study show that the dance "Bedhaya Si Kaduk Manis" has an asymmetrical gawang development and a dancer's level pattern play. “Tari Bedhaya Si Kaduk Manis” is constructed using the creator's version of the work method and is presented with a single cone serving plot. The final entity "Bedhaya Si Kaduk Manis Dance" has a significant difference from the bedhaya dance in general, but still has the taste and principle of bedhaya dance.


Creativity ;Agus Tasman;Ranaatmadja ;Bedhaya Si Kaduk ;Manis Dance

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33153/jcare.v1i1.3959


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