Aspek Jiwa Tempat Sebagai Landasan Revitalisasi Kawasan (Studi Kasus: Perencanaan Perbelanjaan Kaki Lima di Kawasan Taman Sari Salatiga)

Harmilyanti Sulistyani


Revitalisation is effort that reanimates an area. In case of
Taman Sari area in Salatiga, revitalises done through change of
function according to street vendor shopping centre with basic
planning the spirit of place. Spirit of place (Genius Loci) is soul
from place, representing Roman concept in effort to find the
history root, cultural, and also character of place. To dig the
spirit of place from non physical face (activity) can be done by
using superimposes map, earn through history stemming explorations
from literature and informant. Data result by verbal
explorations must be accompanied with authentic data in map
and photo form.
The problem is realizing the street vendor shopping centre
planning area with basis spirit of place to returning the area
that be able to generator of commerce and recreation area.
There are 3 problems lifted. First problem is appropriate
revitalises area as same as the early function as town garden
(open public space) by considering the spirit of place. The target
is to increase area performance that representing commerce
node in town. Second, revitalises in Taman Sari use street vendor
shopping centre concept equipped by the supporter facility
and area element that under colour by spirit of place. Third,
place for street vendor and public space with basic spirit of
place, processing the street furniture, skyline, the situation,
colour element, and the green belt.

Keyword: Revitalisation, Spirit of Place, Street Vendor
Shopping Centre

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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