Batik Sebagai Salah Satu Media Komunikasi Dalam Upacara Adat Tradisi Jawa

Muhammad Arif Jati Purnomo


As a social creature, man need of communication with
another. The changing and developing of social role can’t
be separated with a well balanced communication factor
between man with the creator, man with man, and man
with another human beings.

Batik as one of man cultural product is also the form of
communication expression that learned by our parents
through cloth media with resistance by using hot candle
(malam) or using a tool called “canthingâ€.

The existance of Batik in Java can’t be separated with
a way of life, that believed its true by Javanese people. As
people having local genius, Javanese people can’t create
Batik as one of visual communication media between
Javanese people as cultural product creator with the creator
as a source of all power. The creators of variety decoration
of Batik, a long ago, not early created a beautiful in
viewing thing but also gave a meaning that had a close
relationship with their way of life. They created a decoration
variation with a pure massage and a high hope. A hope
that they wanted is by wearing Batik with certain motive is
hoped it will bring a goodness and happiness for them.
These are painted beautifully and symbolically and full of

As a communication media of Javanese people, Batik
can keep exist as one of cultural product that have a high
praise and keep get a place in the people.

Key words : Batik, culture product, communication

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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