TV Lokal Pembentuk Identitas Kultural Antara Harapan Dan Kenyataan (Studi Kasus Terang Abadi Televisi Surakarta)

Satriana Didiek Isnanta


The endorsement of Undang Undang /UU 2002 number
32 (Indonesian Law System) about broadcase is to emerge an
important standing point of the existence of local television.
It is because of the fulfillness of the formal legal and
democratic in Indonesia. Local television implementating
spirit of autonomous is felt by the viewer as the spectrum of
our broadcast. Covering by dense local programs local television
has always served the best programs for Indonesian viewers
realizing the local genious.

Besides, the ideal of this UU broadcast is to build the
foundation for the system of broadcast decentralisation. In
short, the local government has also right to take a better
benefits from its broadcast both the range of the diversity
of the content and diversity of ownership

It looks very ideal when the UU 2002 about broadcast
want to make a good and fair share of economical benefits.
But we have a big question : How far our local investor can
compete with nasional even gobal investors? How can local
program compete with others from national or even global
program?. Moreover, can local program format as a local
culture identity can compete againts national or even global
program format?

Those are three big questions that really want to be
analysed in this paper. Using the focus in case study of
Terang Abadi Television (TATV Surakarta) as local television

It is expected to find out an ideal television format
program to make a ultural identity as well as profit for
economical sides.

Key words : Local television, cultural identity.

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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