Fenomena Profil Wanita Dalam Fotografi Glamor

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Female has a unique complexity in generating a nice and attractive picture because all things such as hair, make-up, costume (dress) must be suitable and proper. While, male is not very demanded to be perfect in his appearance, it may be said, he has a tendency that it is better to appear in simplicity 

In other hand, to dress a female, various accessories and anything are needed to make her more attractive. If we are seeing glamorous pho­tographs, we often saw good-looking female appearances with their lovely and energetic dresses, and perhaps, they were posing in im­portant and happy moments such as an entertainment event, fashion event, commercial illustration, or art performance. For me, glamour is a miracle. It is about a yearning of a female to be perpetuated (in an im­ 
age or a photograph), in a setting in which she is a most beautiful and adorable object (model), and at the same time, she is being a center of

attentive attempts of the event. Therefore, it is a dream (fantasy) of her to make herself becomes more than her genuine appearance. With an expectation that, for a moment, she is a superstar, a princess, a dream (a fantasy world). 

Key words: Glamour, beautiful and adorable model, fantasy world

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33153/ornamen.v7i1.951


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