Focus And Scope

Sanggitarupa is a journal that provides a forum for sharing, disseminating, and discussing research, experiences, and perspectives in visual art. Starting with Vol 1 , 2021, Sanggitarupa  published all articles in Indonesian and next in english. Sanggitarupa a journal in the field of ivisual art is collects the best critical work on all types of places. visual art are apressiation, critical in the formation of identity because they symbolize power and control through the contestation or violation of limits. Each of our project in visual art  is infused with inovative , creative and elicits unique multisensory. From a transdisciplinary viewpoint.

The visual art is the journal's primary scope, and submissions from practitioners and theorists of visual art are encouraged. It will incorporate perspectives from a variety of disciplines, including  fotography, sculpture art, film and TV, graphic design, design og visual communication and interior design, anthropology, architecture, art and design history, cultural studies, and visual culture, and will be geographically and chronologically inclusive.