Endang Retno Ambarwati, Setyo Bagus Waskito


There are a lot of reggae musics that can be taken advantage,among them can be used
as a means of delivering a moral message,voice calling for weak communities,provide relaxation
and well able to bring a message of peace for others.Departing from this fact,producer seeks to
create two music videos using different construction techniques, the Cut to Cut technique and
Compositing technique to eliminate negative view of reggae musics and the choice was on my
beach songs created and sung by Kalamasoul Band.The Cut to Cut technique to arouse feelings
and emotions of the audience,so the audience feel being at the beach and can capture the moral
messages in the videos my beach music easily.The Compositing techniques to provide a variety
of different and interesting spectacle for the community that after seeing the music video, the
audience is not immediately forgotten of what he had just seen. Cultivation of the Pantaiku
music videos through three main stages, namely editing offline, online editing, and mixing. By
using two different techniques on the same music,it turns out Pantaiku music video compositing
techniques packaging more attractive and entertaining. But seen from the delivery of the
message,the music video by cut to cut technique in my beach songs was more communicative
and easily received by the audience.Objective of the video was to create good music and finally
actractively reached.
Keywords:Editing,cut to cut,compositing,Kalamasoul Band,dan Pantaiku

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