Focus And Scope

Lakon Jurnal Pengkajian & Penciptaan Wayang is a journal of puppets study and creation. This journal welcomes the study and creation of multidimensional puppet art research and review. It is limited to the art of wayang within the scope of Puppet Leather Purwa and the various forms and styles of puppet theater in Indonesia and the world, traditional and contemporary. The journal published quantitative-qualitative empirical research and critical thoughts related to the study and creation of wayang and puppet theater that has never been published in any form. Areas that can be stated in journal articles can include:

  • Puppet and culture
  • Puppet and Education
  • Puppet and Development
  • Puppet and Literature
  • Puppets and Philosophy
  • Puppets and Technology
  • Puppet and Sociology
  • Puppet and Politics
  • Puppet and Anthropology
  • Puppet and World Development
  • Puppet and Creative Creation - Innovative