Revitalization of Railway Station in Situbondo Regency




Revitalizing railway station, interior, Art Deco, Heritage


The revitalization of the railway station in Situbondo Regency is an effort to revitalize the function of the station and commercial function as a maintenance measure of a cultural heritage building in Situbondo Regency. This design aims to renew Situbondo Railway Station with facilities following the Indonesian Railway Station Service Standards. The design method includes input, synthesis/analysis, and output. This design uses the theme "Modern Meets Heritage," which is an effort to process the physical condition of building architecture as a heritage building in very rapid technological and design developments. The Interior Style used is the Art Deco interior style. Thus this design produces an interior design of a train station with hall facilities, counters, customer service, waiting rooms, executive waiting rooms, platforms, and other supporting facilities with aesthetic and good function value.


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Author Biography

Joko Budiwiyanto, Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta

Seni, Desain dan Media


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